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Every Moment, Captured.

The fun and easy way for your guests to share photos from your event.

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Set up Your Event

Why Use Snapable?

Letting your guests take photos during your event is a fun and easy way to get them involved. Best of all, the photos will be instantly added to your Snapable album, so you’ll have everything in one place.

Your Event From Their Point Of View

One photographer can't possibly catch all the action. Snapable helps collect each photo taken by attendees, giving you a complete picture of the day.

Instantly Collect And Preserve Your Photos

Avoid begging for photos after the event and let Snapable instantly upload them into your online album. Its the easiest way to preserve your memories.

Share Photos, Or Keep Them Private

Let’s face it, not every photo is meant for every pair of eyes. You can choose to share photos with some or all of your guests. Or just keep them private!

Instant Gratification

With Snapable, there is no waiting or sifting through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter trying to find your photos. You’ll have everything - instantly.

How It Works

Before Your Event

Create your album in just a few easy steps. You can:

  • Upload photos from your computer.
  • Add photos from the Snapable app.
  • Share the album with guests and attendees.

Once your album is set up, you’re ready to collect your photos!

Sample Album

During Your Event

Remind guests to use Snapable with a table card that includes:

  • How to download and use Snapable.
  • A description of how it works.
  • Your photo album link.

A copy of each photo taken with the Snapable app will be instantly added to your album.

See Sample

After Your Event

Peruse the album and see what guests have uploaded. You can:

  • Download your favorite photos.
  • Share photos or the entire album via social.
  • Upload additional photos after the event.

It’s that easy! All of your photos in one spot, so you don’t miss a single moment.

Sign Up

Set up your event for just $49 and get started today.

You get all this for your event:

  • Unlimited guests
  • Unlimited photos
  • Download your photos anytime
  • Upload additional photos
  • Unlimited guest email notifications
  • Personalized downloadable instruction
    cards for guests

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